Code of Practice for the Australian entertainment Industry




The GWS committee has agreed to adopt the new Code of Practice for the Australian Entertainment Industry launched on the 3 September 2018. The Code of Practice applied to all members and invited players of The Grainger Wind Symphony.

New Code of Practice Launched for the Australian Entertainment Industry

Live Performance Australia (LPA) and Screen Producers Australia (SPA) have announced a new Code of Practice covering discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying. The Code was developed by LPA and SPA with the aid of Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA).

The Australian Live Performance Industry Code of Practice to Prevent Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying, will come into effect on 3 September,

This Code of Practice has been prepared to support the live performance industry by affirming the industry’s commitment to providing safe, respectful, inclusive and flexible workplaces.


The GWS Committee will make future announcements as it imbeds the Code of Practice into the wind symphony’s procedures and processes.