Composer 2022: Mitchell Alexander “Dances for Winds and Percussion”

Mitchell was born on the 29th of January, 1993 in Elkhart, Indiana, USA. Mitchell’s parents are Tonia Podwerly and Aaron Alexander. He is a dual citizen to Australia and the United States of America, and he has lived in Canberra for the past 11 years. In Indiana, Mitchell grew up heavily involved in his school’s band program. There he learned to play the trombone and euphonium and participated in school ensembles, such as concert band and marching band.
Mitchell studied music at the Australian National University, and education at the University of Canberra. He currently works as a high school teacher at St. Francis Xavier College in Canberra, where he teaches Science and Mathematics .

PROGRAM NOTES “Dances for Winds and Percussion”

Writing for The Grainger Wind Symphony has been a great opportunity to connect with
another group of musicians from another part of the country. Music shared, interpreted,
and worked out as a group is a great part of making music. My aim in this piece was to write something interesting not only to listen to but also to play. I hope that I have succeeded in doing this for The Grainger Wind Symphony.
As the title suggests the piece is a collection of dance songs that vary in nature. Some are gentle, some are fierce, and some blur the line between the two. Dance rhythms and meters are played throughout not only to bring an air of festivity but also to display the prowess
of the performers much like a skilled dancer would during a dance. The two Allegro themes; Allegro Vivace and Allegro, are the primary driving parts of that idea.

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