AGM notices and documents

Access to the attached pages has been given to members of The Grainger Wind Symphony to notices and documents for the Annual General Meeting. 

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is herby given for the Annual General Meeting for 2019-2020 to be held on Wednesday 12 August 2020 from 8.00pm via Zoom. Meeting ID 962 7769 7345. The password was provided in an email posted in July to all registered members on GWS CRM.

AGM Agenda and Nomination Form

click here the AGM Agenda and Nomination Form. Please note, because of COVID-19 restrictions, nomination for committee positions may be submitted electronically.

Click here for the Minutes of the previous AGM.

Click here for the GWS Policies: Code of Conduct including the new Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policy. 

Click here for document “COVID-19 and resuming”.

Annual Report

Final draft of the 2020 Annual Report is available for pre-meeting reading click here

For copies of previous annual reports and minutes click here.

Committee appointments 

click here for the current Job Description for Committee and other leadership positions.

click here for 2020-21 committee appointments


Rules for the Incorporated Association The Grainger Wind Symphony

The Rules have been approved by Consumer Affairs, Government of Victoria and comply with the Incorporated Associations Act. They state the Rules for the operation of The Grainger Wind Symphony Inc.

click here for GWS Rules of an incorporated association (2014)

Please note that only full members who have paid the full annual subscription prior to two weeks before the AGM are permitted to vote. In 2020 members have to be full financial members before 31 July. Membership fees can be paid through GWS CRM. Because of the suspension of all activities because of the State-wide COVID-19 restrictions some leniency has been applied to allow current financial players (who are not full financial) to vote.