Players Only Page

This page is for players only. It explains the process to register interest to play, the policies players agree to when joining, membership processes and introduces the player management team.

Event details by concert

For each event, details are posted with all organisational details and plans.

  • For player details for Conductor Workshops 2023 29th March & 5th April click here
  • For player details for Concert 3 2023: Year of the Dragon click here.
  • For player details for Concert 4 2023: Made In Australia click here
  • For player details for Concert 5 2023 click here
  • For player details for Concert 6 2023, click here

The Player Management Database GWS CRM

Unfortunately our current online player management application is not fully functional.

  • All current members are still able to Login with your password to the GWS CRM  click on this link
  • Players who are not yet members and new players who do not have a login, please submit your details. Click here for details.

Players who have already registered and have their own password can still view event details for coming events. By registering for an event, they can receive an email acknowledgement of the details of concert and workshop events including rehearsals, times, appropriate dress and other requirements. These event details are posted when details have been finalised, usually a week before the first rehearsal. These details for each event has been reproduced as an interim measure. Links are above.

Player registration and membership process

New players please go to this page for instructions Click here for details.

Player Management Team

The management team manages the member player list for each concert and liaises with committee through the Personnel Manager Penny Latham –

  • Flutes: Maree van Niel –
  • Double Reeds: Roland Yeung (acting) –
  • Clarinets: Seb Beswick –
  • Saxophones: Nick Roney –
  • Trumpets: Rob Harry –
  • Horns: Tracy Tulloch –
  • Low Brass & Strings: Roland Yeung (acting) –
  • Percussion & Keyboards: Stuart Newstead –

New players must register an Expression of Interest to the Secretary and contact the relevant section manager before attending a rehearsal. To see new Player Instructions, click here.


The Grainger Wind Symphony have a number of policies to explains the matters which are important to the culture of the organisation. They include Privacy Policy, Child Safety Policy, Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policy and the Rules of The Grainger Wind Symphony Inc.

All players and non-players are expected to acknowledge all policies. Here is a summary.

  • Privacy Policy

This explains our concern with safeguarding your privacy and the privacy of others.

  • Child Safety Policy

The GWS sometimes performs with children (school students under 18 years old), sometimes performs in schools, and share concerts with students. 

  • Working With Children Check

As part of our Child Safety Policy, every member of GWS has to have a current Working With Children Check or provide documentation to show they have exempt status. The following is the details from the presentation given at rehearsal on 14 February 2018. Click here.

For more details about obtaining one, click here

  • Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policy

The GWS has recently developed a new Code of Conduct Policy based on Live Performance Australia’s 2018 Policy. See separate page.

  • Rules of The Grainger Wind Symphony Inc.

The Grainger Wind Symphony is an Incorporated Association registered with the Victorian Government Consumer Affairs. The Rules describes how the association operates. For more details click here.

For more details of each policy in the Policies: Code of Conduct click here


The GWS COVID-Safe Plan was updated on 21st November 2021 and reflects the most recent advice from COVIDSafe Summer, the Victoria Government which summarises restrictions for Businesses and Arts and Entertainment Industry in particular. To download a copy of the GWS COVID-Safe Plan click here.

Terms and Conditions for players

As terms and conditions for being a member of The Grainger Wind Symphony (and wishing to submit an Expression of Interest to play), all players are required to acknowledge the policies of the GWS and (if accepted as a member) have read, understood and agree to these policies. This agreement is requested when registering on GWS CRM.

If there are any questions, please direct them to the Secretary/Treasurer.


GWS Subscription Fees

All players and non-players are expected to contribute to the operation of the group. For the current GWS Subscription Fees click here.

Entry to Blackburn High School for rehearsals

To download new instructions and map click here.

Updated by Roland Yeung 23rd March 2023