The Purposes

The Purposes of The Grainger Wind Symphony

The Grainger Wind Symphony is an Incorporated Association under section 46 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, Victorian Government, Australia. These Rules are taken to constitute the terms of a contract between the Association and its members. any member can request a copy of the Rules from the Secretary or Music Director. The Purposes reprinted here are from Rule 2 of the current Rules for the Grainger Wind Symphony: February 2014.


The purposes of the association are—

  • to promote technical education in the art, practice and appreciation of wind music and music generally;
  • to stimulate public opinion in favour of the general adoption of music, and wind music in particular, as a branch of instruction in schools, colleges, etc.;
  • to encourage the development, performance and appreciation of concert symphonic wind bands;
  • to arrange and promote public lectures, recitals competitions and to form classes of instructions so as to bring about a widespread and thorough knowledge of the principals and practices of wind music its composition appreciation and performance;
  • to promote technical research and initiation of research with the field of music generally;
  • to support and encourage musicians, directors, conductors and others involved to the promotion of other concert/symphonic bands and music groups generally.
  • to perform wind band music of the highest calibre;
  • to perform new works by Australian as well as international composers;
  • to celebrate the name Percy Grainger, one of Australia’s foremost performing musicians and composers, bringing Grainger’s name and music to greater recognition by the Australian public; and
  • to bring to listeners the enjoyment of wind ensemble music generally.