Guest Conductor 2021 call for expression of interest

The call is open for Expressions of Interest for 2021 and beyond.


The Committee of The Grainger Wind Symphony is seeking expressions of interest for a suitably experienced and skilled conductor to conduct a full program in a concert in 2021 or after. This is a special opportunity for conductors to work with a top Melbourne community wind band that has presented six concerts a year since 1986. The preparation period would be 4, 5 or 6 consecutive Wednesday night rehearsals of 2 hours without a break in Blackburn, Melbourne.

The guest conductor is to:

  1. submit an Expression of Interest with a covering letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of major works conducted and
    • either present a proposed concert program of advanced contrasting wind band works that should include a work by Percy Grainger and may include a soloist; the inclusion of female composer(s) and other Australian composer(s) would be seen favourably; OR
    • provide a list of suitable major works for wind symphony willing to conduct next year which will indicate repertoire strengths and interest;
  2. attend an audition if requested by the selection committee on a Wednesday evening from 8.00pm on a date to be determined;
  3. negotiate with the committee, in November, availability of a rehearsal/concert sequence in the coming Concert Schedule;
  4. conduct one sequence of all scheduled rehearsals, sound check on the day of the concert and the performance in 2020.

Please note the following.

  1. The Committee of The Grainger Wind Symphony (The GWS) invites EOIs from guest conductors for the calendar year of 2021, but will receive EOIs that cover the 2022 calendar year subject to the approval of 2021-22 committee.
  2. The Guest Conductor is an honorary position, that is, there is no remuneration available at this time. All members of The GWS, including the music director, are not paid. This does not diminish the standard of performance of members.
  3. The committee may activate the option of inviting the applicant to conduct The GWS in an audition as part of the selection process. This would involve the conductor selecting a work to rehearse and then ‘perform’ at the end of the same session. A set of parts and score needs to be provided the week prior or selected from The GWS library. The initial audition date is set for Wednesday 11 December from 8.00pm. This option will be considered once the EOI has been received.
  4. The Guest Conductor will abide by The Rules of Incorporation, priorities and policies of The Grainger Wind Symphony including Child Safety, Privacy and the Live Performance Australia Code of Practice that are posted on website of The GWS
  5. Instrumentation of The Grainger Wind Symphony:
    The instrumentation we work to fill for every concert is the standard instrumentation. This includes:
    Piccolo, Flute 6 players, Oboe and Oboe/English Horn, 1 or 2 Bassoon, Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet 9 or so players, 1 or 2 Bass Clarinets, Saxophones 4 or 5 SAATB/AATB, Trumpets 4, Horns 3 or 4 players, Trombones 2 players, Bass Trombone, Euphonium (not regular player), Tuba (not regular player), String Bass, Percussion 3 or 4 including Piano, Mallet Keyboards, Aux and Timpani. We hire top percussion instruments for rehearsal and concerts.

Criteria for selection will include the following.

  1. Expertise as a conductor in rehearsing and performing a diverse program of quality wind symphony repertoire.
  2. Ability to lead and inspire experienced musicians.
  3. Ability to work at a variety of levels with a community group that typically has a short rehearsal period.
  4. Clear conducting baton technique, and efficient rehearsal strategies.
  5. Ability to contribute to high artistic goals.
  6. Willingness to contribute to achieving the goals of The Grainger Wind Symphony, as outlined in The Rules of Incorporation, priorities and policies.
  7. Work as an active team member.

Expressions of interest are to include a covering letter, a curriculum vitae, a list of major works previously conducted, and a proposed concert program (or a list of major works that can be programmed) emailed to the Music Director, Roland Yeung or  EOIs may be accepted at any time.

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Enquires can be made by calling the Music Director, Roland Yeung on 0432 445 577,