Call for original compositions 2020

The Grainger Wind Symphony has a commitment to perform published works by Australian composers, including Percy Grainger, and support composers in their endeavour. Each year the Grainger Wind Symphony presents a public concert devoted to Australian composers and their compositions.

In 2020, it will be Saturday 7pm 5 September 2020 (venue to be confirmed)

Here are some ways composers whose works are accepted can benefit from submitting a work to the Grainger Wind Symphony for performance to:

  • receive feedback from experienced musicians
  • hear their work for wind symphony played by expert musicians
  • attend rehearsals to discuss their work with players and obtain an audio recording of the rehearsal
  • attend a live performance and experience the full process from players doing first sightread to the performance
  • participate in the Pre-Concert Talk and maybe introduce their item in the concert
  • receive a recording of the performance.

Australian composers are invited to prepare and present score and parts of an original composition for wind symphony that is self published.

The usual instrumentation of The Grainger Wind Symphony is as follows.

One piccolo part, two flute parts, one or two oboe parts, one or two bassoon parts, Eb clarinet part, 1st clarinet, 2nd clarinet and 3rd clarinet parts, bass clarinet, saxophones in AATB.

Three, four or five trumpet/cornet parts, two or four horn parts, 3 trombone parts with third part being for bass trombone, euphonium part, baritone treble clef part (doubling the euphonium part), tuba part in C, string bass, and percussion as required for around 4 players including piano.

The desktop publishing of the score and parts are expected to conform to standard conventions of layout. Please note that the default layout of most desktop publishing application need adjustments. When doing the layout of each part, please enable page turning by positioning bars rest immediately before or after a page turn, where possible.

First deadline is Sunday 12 April 2020 for submission of full score in pdf, parts in pdf, a composer bio, a recording of the work and program notes via email.

The committee will determine suitability of the work in selecting for performance. If selected, feedback will be given mid-May if parts and score need clarification. The music director may request a meeting to discuss the work.

Final submission deadline for (revised) score and parts is Sunday 14 June 2020 of the successfully selected work with spiral bound full score and set of parts in standard numbers used by publishers of concert band music. There may be requests for minor editing of parts.

Rehearsals commence Wednesday 29 July. Successful composers will be invited to attend a rehearsal at a negotiated time, and will have an opportunity to speak briefly with the players and conductor. All rehearsals of the work will be recorded and made available to the composer each week. The sound check commences 4.00pm on the day of the concert in the concert venue.

The public performance is a concert Made In Australia on Saturday 7.00pm 5 September 2020. The venue is St Stephen’s Anglican Church, 360 Church Street, Richmond, Melbourne.

Successful composers will be offered complimentary double pass to the concert. A recording of the performance will be given to the composer once the recordings are produced.

Questions can be directed to Roland Yeung Music Director m: 0432 445577. Submissions should be emailed to by 12 April 2020.