Committee 2020-21

The following are elected office bearers of the The Grainger Wind Symphony Inc. 2020-21

The Committee

President – Melissa Kennedy

Secretary/Treasurer Robyn Yeung

Administrator vacant

Associate Conductor vacant 2020 and 2021 

Concert Manager Allanah Coldwell

Personnel Manager Penelope Latham

Publicity Allanah Coldwell

General Committee member Jacci Jones, Nick Roney, Maree van Niel

General Committee

Web/System Administrator Joshua Petherbridge

Assistant Treasurer Sophie Caldwell

Social Secretary – vacant

Librarian Jacqueline Jones

Section Managers

Flute Jacci Jones

Double Reed Jacci Jones

Clarinet Sophie Caldwell

Saxophone Nick Roney

Trumpet Rob Mattessi

Horn Tracy Tulloch

Low Brass and String Bass Jacci Jones

Percussion Stuart Newstead.

Any committee member can be contact via the Secretary using this email address

We are grateful that each committee member participate in their leadership role as a volunteer.