Conducting Workshop Program 2020 – POSTPONED

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, in the interests of the health of conductors, players and community, the conducting workshops on the 18 & 25 March have been postponed to a date to be determined. Please keep in contact with Roland and this website for future arrangements.

Conductors and those wanting to develop their skills in conducting are invited to participate in one of two (or both) conducting workshops lead by Roland Yeung an experienced conductor and conducting teacher.

Choice of repertoire. Conductors choose your own band work, so it can be what you are working on now, or what you are going to begin soon. You can choose something from the GWS Band Library.

Conducting a live wind band. Conductors will observe others conducting and conduct 15 minutes on the podium the Grainger Wind Symphony live. Their podium time will be recorded: video and quality audio and made available for private review. The Grainger Wind Symphony is a fully instrumented wind band of woodwind, brass, percussion and string bass.

Optional preparation class. A preparation class will be offered at no extra cost from 5pm on the day of the workshop. Book a time between 5.00pm and 7.45pm or otherwise join in a class activity.

Roland Yeung is the Principal Conductor and Music Director of The Grainger Wind Symphony, a not-for-profit community music group that performs works of the highest quality for over 30 years in Melbourne. He teaches using the principle and techniques of the Saito Conducting Method that includes a catalogue of gestures no where else seen in the field of conducting. The aim of conducting is to reinforce musical intentions of the composer and the artistry of the players whilst also exerting and artistic will on those performing the work. The understanding of posture and biomechanics is important to achieve clarity in gestures and maintaining a pain free conducting experience. For more details about Roland click here.

What you need to bring. Full conducting participants are those who will conduct the Grainger Wind Symphony. Conductors must choose one excerpt (about 5 minutes long) of work for wind band. It can be any standard up to Grade 4.5. Players will need to read a part for their instrument, so all conducting participants must bring a full set of parts (one of each part plus multiple parts for all flutes, clarinets and percussion. The standard instrumentation as in published parts is sufficient. A second copy of the conducting score. Please present the score copy in booklet form (A3 page folded to make 2x A4 pages doubled sided and stapled), not loose A4 pages with one staple. Bring your own refreshments and baton if you use one.

Observers just bring yourself and some refreshments.

Location. The workshops are being held at Blackburn High School Music Centre, enter via Williams Road car park.

Enquiries. Roland Yeung e: or m: 0432 445577 but not between 4 March – 17 March.

To Book a Place. Attendees can book a place for 18th and or 25th March as a Full Conducting participant, a Full Concession (for full-time students), an Observer or Observer Concession (for full time students). Bookings and payment is made via TryBooking. For a direct link, click here.