Concert 1 2023: Mahler and Hisaichi

This program feature two outstanding composers who have had great influence internationally with their music – Gustav Mahler and Joe Hisaichi, and of course Percy Grainger.

Gustav Mahler and the Viennese School of composers

Symphony No.2 “Resurrection” 1st movement. We are performing a new transcription for wind band from Netherlands. The transcriber is Jos van de Braak. The first movement existed as a single-movement tone-poem called Todtenfeier (Funeral Rites).

For information about the symphony and Mahler click here.

For a symphony orchestra recording with orchestra score click here.

For symphony orchestra with conductor Seiji Ozawa, the Saito Kinen Orchestra and the Shinyukai Choir click here.

Mahler’s Symphony No.2 explained in 3 minutes by Orchestra of Music Makers click here.

Glossary of German Terms in Mahler Symphonies click here.

Joe Hisaichi, Symphonic Suite “Cinema Trilogy” Studio Ghibli Collection – Anime music

To read about Joe Hisaichi, the Japanese John Williams, click here.

The Symphonic Suite has three movements. The GWS will perform only movements one and two.

A medley of Studio Ghibli’s greatest hits, movement 1 Sky-Flight: Song List
1. Pigeon and Boy (From “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”)
2. Bird Man (From “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”)
3. The Wind of Ages – When a Human Can be a Human – (From “Porco Rosso”)
4. Mammaiuto (From “Porco Rosso”)
5. A Very Busy Kiki (From “Kiki’s Delivery Service”)
6. A Walk in the Skies (From “Howl’s Moving Castle”)
7. Reprise (From “Spirited Away”)

Recording of 1st movement “Sky-Flight” click here

A medley of Studio Ghibli’s greatest hits, movement 2 Intermezzo: Song List:
8. On A Clear Day (From “Kiki’s Delivery Service”)
9. Sootballs (From “Spirited Away”)
10. Kumiko (From “Ponyo”)
11. Ponyo and Sosuke II (From “Ponyo”)
12. In Search of Time (From “Porco Rosso”)
13. Memories Of Gondoa (From “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”)
14. Witch of the Wasteland (From “Howl’s Moving Castle”)
15. Ashitaka and San (From “Princess Mononoke”)

Recording of 2nd movement “Intermezzo” click here

Percy Grainger

Gum-Suckers March arr. Mark Rogers click here

Australian Up-Country Tune arr. Glenn Cliffe Bainum click here

John Mackey Hymn to a Blue Hour

To listen to a recording click here.

To go to the composers website to see program notes and listen to a recording click here.

Robert Jager Sinfonia Nobilissima

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Conducted by Associate Conductor Shane Walterfang