Member Awards

The following are members who are acknowledged for their special contribution to The Grainger Wind Symphony.

Artistic Excellence
Stuart Newstead for principal pianist for the wind symphony, accompanist for guest artists 2015
Brendan Toohey for excellence as clarinetist in the wind symphony and soloist 2015
Shane Walterfang for excellence as trumpet player in the wind symphony and soloist 2015.

General Service Awards
Tavis Ashton-Bell player since 2007 and currently Concert Manager and Publicity Manager
Robert Clark player since 2008 and past section manager.

Long Service Awards
Nicholas Benbow player since 2002 and current section manager
Maree Gladwin player since 1996
Joshua Petherbridge player since 2003, web administrator and past committee member.

Outstanding Service Awards
Christine Ewan a player since 2008, section manager, publicity manager, acting concert manager and past committee member
Caitlin Franken/Stubenrauch player since 2008 and section manager
Karman Lee/Melitsis a player since 2010 and past personnel manager and committee member.

Life Members
Ruth Collins, a player since 1991,  president 2012-2015, past trumpet section manager
Lyle Hoefer, a player since 1988, past section manager and past committee member
Stuart Newstead, a player since 1997, chairperson 1999, a current section manager
Robyn Yeung secretary/treasurer
Roland Yeung music director.