Guest artist Darryl Barron guitar

Darryl Barron

electric guitar soloist Concert 4: White Flats



Darryl Barron Ad.Cert.(Jazz and Pop.), B.Mus.Perf.(VCA), B.Teach.(Prim. and Sec.), A.Dip.A. (Electric Bass), FTCL (mandolin) is a professional performing music and music educator based in Melbourne. Darryl performs and teaches on multiple fretted stringed instruments including, mandolin, mandola, electric and classical guitar, banjo and electric bass, He is currently the coordinator of the fretted strings department at Carey Baptist Grammar School in Melbourne. He is the leader of the mandola section in the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra and has performed in Australia, New Zealand, USA, France, Luxembourg and Germany.

Darryl also works as a freelance musician, He regularly plays in pit orchestras for theatre companies such as Babirra, Cloc, Whitehorse and Windmill, playing guitar, banjo, mandolin and electric bass parts. He is also an examiner for the VCAA and ANZCA and is the author of the ANZCA modern bass sight reading and ANZCA Modern Bass-preliminary and Grade one.

Darryl is thrilled to be presenting the Chaos Theory Electric Guitar Concerto tonight with the Grainger Wind Symphony!