Policies: Code of Conduct

The GWS’s Policies: Code of Conduct will be applied to all members and invited players of The Grainger Wind Symphony.

The GWS committee has adopted a Code of Conduct. It is made up of three Policies and a set of Rules. The Child Safety Policy is based on the requirement by theGovernment of Victoria Department of Justice, of all organisations working with children. The Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bully Policy is based on Code of Conduct of the  Australian Entertainment Industry launched on the 3 September 2018. The Privacy Policy explains the privacy you can expect in regard to personal information collected in running the association.  The Rules are based on the Model Rules for Incorporated Associations of Government of Victoria Consumer Affairs.

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  1. Child Safety Policy 
  2. Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policy 
  3. Privacy Policy 
  4. Rules 

As part of GWS CRM registration process and enrolling to play in events, players will be asked to affirm their commitment to these policies.

Roland Yeung 30 October 2020