Player Registration and Membership Process

Player Registration and Membership Process

The beginning of the 2018 marks the implementation of a new on-line process for administering player membership and making a commitment to a particular concert. The process has been refined over the last three years and we are confident that the information technology will help streamline the administration of members as required by an Incorporated Association. The process will also clarify who is covered by our insurance policy should anything untoward (hopefully nothing) should occur.

Being a Full Member is a result of a multistage process that is expressed in the Rules of The Grainger Wind Symphony Inc.

  1. New Players firstly must make an expression of interest using a Google Form or via an email the the Secretary. Instructions are on this website, Player Page>New Players.
  2. Provisional Associate Member. Following consideration of the expression of interest, a Committee member or Section Manager will reply to the player to either confirm that their registration is to be placed in a provisional status as an Associate Member, OR decline the expression of interest should there be not vacancy or the player information is not up to the standard or both. If declined to be a member, the applicant can request to have their details kept on the database or removed.
  3. Try us out. As a Provisional Associate Member, a new player may be invited to “try out us” at the first rehearsal and if mutually agreed with the Section Manager, Personnel Manager and Music Director, the new player may be invited to play in the coming concert. The New Player is exempt from playing subs for the first concert they play with us.

The next step in the membership process is to consider whether the player has suitable experience and skills to be a regular player or kept in the database should a vacancy come up.

  1. Full Membership. Following the “Try Us Out” Concert, the Section Manager will discuss with the Personnel Manager and Music Director to recommend if a Provisional Associate Membership to become a Full Membership.
  2. In the interim, a Provisional Associate Member may be invited to play in a subsequent concert. If so, the Section Manger will invite the player on a concert by concert arrangement and play a Concert By Concert (CbC) Fee when registering to play in a concert or event on GWS CRM as all players are expected to contribute to the organisation.
  3. Provisional players, if they register for a particular concert/event on Symphona, may not be entitled to a future place in the wind symphony unless confirmed by the Section Manager or the Personnel Manager in their absence.
  4. To consider a recommendation for a player to become a Full Member, the Personnel Manager will take a recommendation to a regular monthly committee meeting.
  5. An invitation to be a Full Member is given to the player by their Section Manger once a decision has been approved by the GWS committee.
  6. Alternatively, an invitation to be an Associate Member is given to the player by their Section Manger. Their respective Section Manager in the first instance, will consider suitable Associate Members and invite them to fill any vacancies in a concert. Associate Members will be invited to pay a CbC Fee if they accept.
  7. Once a player has accepted the invitation to be a Full Member, the player pays the appropriate Subscription Fee. Full members can pay either the
    1. Annual Subscription Fee (preferred); or the
    2. Concert By Concert Fee.
  8. Which fee? If you pay the wrong fee, we will refund your payment. The Annual Subscription Fee has a value of four Concert By Concert (CbC) Fees, and does not roll over into a new calendar year. If you commence playing with GWS with three or less concerts left in the year, you should only pay the Concert By Concert Fee. If you are unsure that you will play four or more concerts in a calendar year because of unknown clashes with work or family, then pay the Concert By Concert fee due before starting rehearsals for that concert until you have made up to four. Once you have made four CbC Fee payment, you automatically become a Full Member financially.
  9. How to pay? Our preferred method is via Direct Debit or by cash to the Assistant Treasurer at rehearsals. Please inform your Section Manager how you have paid so the their records can be kept up to date.
  10. Annual Fees are within the Calendar Year. No unused portion of fees are rolled over into the next Calendar Year. If there are any unused amounts, please make a donation to this not-for-profit group or place a request to the Treasurer for a refund of that portion.

Published 6th August 2023

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