Composer feedback from Made In Australia 2022

We invited the 12 composers performed in the recent Made In Australia Concert on the 3rd September 2022 to give some feedback. Please read them below.

FRAN GRIFFIN – “Aftermath” – world premiere

“Roland, thank you so much for all your hard work to put together the concert on Saturday. Please thank the band for their efforts also, and congratulations to the other composers, whose fascinating and imaginative works really impressed me and I which really enjoyed! It’s such a great initiative from GWS and so important to support local composers.” Fran lives in regional NSW>

NIC COURTO – “Widogast” – world premiere

“Working with GWS was a pleasure. The band were responsive and Roland gave excellent, specific feedback that made a real difference to the final formation of the work. I am grateful to Roland and the GWS for providing this opportunity to emerging composers.” Nic lives in Tasmania

NAOMI BROWN – “A Poet’s Home” – world premiere

The main thing I wished to say is that initiatives such as Made in Australia by Grainger Wind Symphony are vital for Australian composers. The opportunity to work with a larger ensemble in order to hone our craft and produce works for wind bands is not that plentiful.

I know mine was a hard piece and apart from the odd wobble you managed to pull it off, especially the climax. So well done.

Given the delay that was covid, and the disruption to rehearsals etc., I’m very thankful for the opportunity to have it performed.

It was a lovely night. All the pieces were fabulous. My family thoroughly enjoyed it (more than they thought they would).

GEORGE BARSOUM – “Treachery is Afoot” – world premiere

I was struck by the extreme discipline and professionalism of the Grainger Symphony. During rehearsals there was always an immense attention to detail that often surpassed my own, but in a way, that made me a better composer. The group read and learnt music at an impressive pace and were keen to keep me involved in making creative decisions wherever possible. The musicians were always eager to take on whatever challenges I gave them and they frequently overcame my preconceptions as to what was and wasn’t technically possible. Because of this, I found it rewarding to let the musicians add their own flare and sound to the performance wherever possible; I simply loved seeing all their untapped energy come out. The Grainger Symphony is an enormously caring and tight-knit community and I appreciate their constant efforts to give back to the Australian music community.

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