Conducting Workshop Program 2023 – completed

The workshops for 2023 have been completed, but if you are interested in future workshops, please contact the Music Director Roland Yeung

Conductors and those wanting to develop their skills in conducting are invited to participate in one of two (or both) conducting workshops lead by Roland Yeung an experienced music educator, conductor and conducting teacher and a team of conducting mentors.

Closing date is 15th March 2023 or as soon as the Full Participant places are full.

The GWS Conducting Workshops are resuming, the last one was held in 2019. The Conducting Workshops provide music teacher conductors and community band directors with a professional development opportunity working with experienced mentors with podium time conducting one of the top wind symphonies.

Full Conducting Participants will become very uncomfortable conducting an excerpt but with the support of their mentor, and the enthusiastic support from the players of the Grainger Wind Symphony. Conductors are able to try out on the podium specific conducting techniques and refine their communication of moods and feelings that come from the music. Mentors will take a few moments to repeat passages and perhaps make some changes. It is important for all conductors to learn to manage being uncomfortable when performing and be able to be adaptable as they creatively seek ways to improve the interpretation and improve communication with the players.

This workshop offers two programs, both occur on the same evening. Full Participating Conductors are able to choose which program.

The choice of repertoire they wish to conduct will determine which program.

  • In the One-On-One program, conductors will choose a one work to study with their mentor and conduct. They choose their own work, but must supply a full set of parts and an extra score. Have a recording for the tutorial.
  • In the Class program conductors will conduct two or three excerpts that are set. The mentor is Roland Yeung, Music director and Principal Conductor of the GWS.

The conductor mentors for the One-On-One Program are:

Amanada Morrison, Lynette Bridgland, Stephen Carpenter, Jo Heaton, Andrew Mathers, Ingrid Martin, Shane Walterfang.

For more details of the Conducting Mentors click here.

Roland Yeung is the Principal Conductor and Music Director of The Grainger Wind Symphony, a not-for-profit community music group that performs works of the highest quality for over 30 years in Melbourne. He teaches conducting using the principle and techniques of the Saito Conducting Method that includes a catalogue of gestures no where else seen in the field of conducting. The aim of conducting is to reinforce musical intentions of the composer and the artistry of the players whilst also exerting and artistic will on those performing the work. The understand of posture and biomechanics is important to achieve clarity in gestures and maintaining a pain free conducting experience. For more details about Roland, click here.

Enquiries. Roland Yeung

e: or m: 0432 445577.

To Book a Place. Attendees can book a place for 29th March or 5th April as a Full Conducting participant, a Full Concession (for full-time students), an Observer or Observer Concession (for full time students). Bookings and payment is made via TryBooking. For a direct link, click here.

Complete the Application Form The details requested on the Application Form is to ensure the Conductor’s experience is the best it can be, details are put into place, and the Conducting Mentors the ensemble are able to receive an honorarium. The completed form are due to Roland Yeung by 15th March 2023 via email.

The Application Form email Roland

Application Forms and Payment of Fee is due by 15th March or when the Full Conducting Participant places are filled.