Music Stand Light?

Would players please consider buying their own music stand light? Some venues we perform in have uneven down lighting or insufficient lighting levels. Recently, LED Music Stand Lights or Book Lights have fallen in price and are very effective.

We would like to ask players to look into buying their own. Prices start $6.00 up to $116.

There are several types we recommend. The more LEDs in the head unit, the brighter the light. Most have two or more settings also – bright and dim. It is recommended to choose one with two heads each with five LEDs per head which will give more light covering two A4 pages. In the same design, there are units with one LED per head. These are satisfactory.

You can also buy a one wide head unit light with 9 or 10 LEDs. This is excellent.

These Music Stand Lights in our context are best used with AAA batteries or AA batteries. It will be too difficult to run power cords to every music stand in the performance space for power adapters.

We discussed this at rehearsal on 5 June 2019. The next time we anticipating need music stand lights will be Concert 4 on 31 August in St Peters Anglican Church. For this event, we don’t think we can borrow any lights.

Found this one which is 3W or 320lm.

a LED stand light for a mixing table

Below is a recent post on Music Stand Light, 28 LEDs Clip On Reading Light – 3 Brightness Level Settings, Cordless and Portable Powered by Batteries or USB. Has 28 LED and clip. Cost about $28.

Roland Yeung