Composer 2022: Nic Courto “Widogast”

I am a teacher and musician from Hobart, Tasmania. I have been an active part of the music community here for over a decade, and have a bachelor or music, majoring in contemporary voice, from the University of Tasmania.

My current musical activity occurs primarily as a member of community bands, singing and playing clarinet. I also do some arranging for those bands and am just beginning my journey into the world of composing for wind band. In the past I have done some composing for choirs, and worked as a singer songwriter. Thus far, none of my work has been published, but I’m hoping that one day this may change.

PROGRAM NOTES “Widogast: hands on fire”

Widogast is inspired by the story of a young wizard. Talented in the art of fire, but young and impressionable, he is tricked into burning down the home of his family. Consumed by guilt he drives himself towards redemption, searching for something that might allow him to rise above his horrific past. While his grief is incessant he holds a spark of hope, the memory of dancing with his love in a distant, happier time.

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