Conducting Workshops June – July 2016

  1. Conducting Intensive – finished
  2. Seminar
  3. Conducting Workshop
  4. Fees and Booking


In 2016, The Grainger Wind Symphony in it’s 30th anniversary year is offering two types of public Conducting Workshops for the professional development and learning for music teacher conductors and community band conductors.

All classes and workshops are in the Eastern metropolitan areas in Melbourne: Blackburn and Mont Albert North, Victoria outside of normal working hours.

For a copy of the information sheet GWS ABODA Conducting Workshops 2016 Click here

For information just about the GWS ABODA Seminar on 20th July 2016 Click here

Conducting intensive


If you are interested in knowing about future professional learning look at the ABODA Victoria website or contact Roland.

This is a package of group conducting classes with the final session being a videoed workshop with those applying to be Full Participants conduct The Grainger Wind Symphony.

Dates and times:

  1. Compulsory Friday 24th June 7pm – 9pm,
  2. Then any two classes from the following dates:
    1. Saturday 25th June 2pm,
    2. Friday 8th July 10am,
    3. Saturday 9th July 2pm,
    4. Sunday 10th July 10am
  3. The last session with The Grainger Wind Symphony is compulsory on Wednesday 13th July 7.30pm – 10.00pm.
  • Clinician: Roland Yeung, Music Director of The Grainger Wind Symphony

Costs: Members of the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA) have a discount, and fee for non-ABODA members includes membership of ABODA. Click here for benefits of membership of ABODA. The details are on the Tax Invoice.

Observers and Full Participants of the GWS ABODA conducting Intensive will:

  • Attend a compulsory Introductory Conducting Class and workshop on selected repertoire, then
  • Attend at least two of four group conducting classes

Observers are limited to 4 and to book a place using TryBooking Click here . Bookings close on the 10th June.

Full Participants GWS ABODA conducting Intensive will:

  • Have podium time  in the videoed workshop conducting The Grainger Wind Symphony supported by their clinician
  • Leave with a recording of their conducting at the end of the session, and
  • Attend a group video review after the videoed workshop.

Full participants are limited to 6.

Location: Blackburn and Mont Albert North

Public Seminar: “Creating A Positive Music Department Through Successful Student Leaders” presented by Simon Brown


This is a public seminar of interest to conductors, directors of music in schools, music department heads, instrumental music teachers and class music teachers. This topic emerged from Simon’s overseas study tour in Melbourne and the United States of America in 2015. He observed the significant difference made when creating a positive music department through successful student leaders.

Simon says: “Many schools have high level performing music students that are stretched in many directions when they are at school and many go from one activity to another without really investing in their Music Department. Music can quite simply be, just another activity that they fit into a very busy schedule.

“Last year, I looked at quality established music programs both in Melbourne and in the USA, searching to find threads that are common between these schools. As well as quality musicians and teachers, these programs all have excellent student leadership within the ensembles and the music department.

“Upon further investigation, I was introduced to Tim Lautzenheiser’s Classic Student Leadership Program and in term four of last year, with our incoming Music Captains, we called for expressions of interest. We started this year with a Music Leadership Committee of 16 students and are now 8 weeks into the 12 week, semester-long program, with very promising results so far.

“I have been teaching for many years now and this is one of the most exciting developments in my career and I would like to share our experiences with you.”

To book a place to just attend the seminar on TryBooking Click here  Bookings close on the 18th July 2016.


Conducting Workshop


This package includes a public seminar, one-on-one private conducting tutorials and public videoed conducting workshop. It is presented in one evening 5.30pm – 10.00pm on Wednesday 20th July 2016.

Full participants of the GWS ABODA Conducting Workshop will:

  • Select a concert band work to conduct at the private tutorial and in the workshop, providing a full set of parts and extra score,
  • Attend the public seminar (described above),
  • Have light refreshments,
  • Have a one-on-one private conducting tutorial with a conductor mentor,
  • Have podium time in the public videoed workshop conducting The Grainger Wind Symphony supported by their mentor, and
  • Leave with a recording of their conducting at the end of the session.

Full participants are limited to 7 and to book a place using TryBooking Click here. Bookings close on the 10th June or when full.

Observers of the GWS ABODA Conducting Workshop will:

  • Attend the public seminar,
  • Have light refreshments, and
  • Observe the videoed workshop with The Grainger Wind Symphony, a team of mentors supporting each Full Participant.

Observer numbers are not limited. To book a place using TryBooking Click here. Bookings close on the 10th June.

The public can attend just the Seminar.

Location: Blackburn.

For the list of Mentors for GWS ABODA Conducting Workshop II Click here


Fees and Booking

ABODA Victoria members have a discount fee for both workshops. Non-ABODA Member’s fee includes ABODA membership fee from the date of payment to March 2017.

For both the GWS ABODA Conducting Intensive and the Conducting Workshop,  use the one Application Form, Schedule of Fees and Tax Invoice Click here

For links to the TryBooking pages to pay and book your place for any of the above, Click here.

Applications for both workshops are due by Friday 10th June 2016 or until full participant places filled.

Seminar only attendees may book until 18th July.

Enquiries: Roland Yeung, Music Director GWS, or 0432 445577