GWS at ANBC 2018? – not this time, maybe next time

After six months of planning, engaging players, costing and setting up a rehearsal schedule, the GWS committees has reluctantly decided to not proceed with entering the Australian National Band Championships being held in Melbourne over Easter in 2018.

Player commitments were sought based on the detail of the plan. We realise that it is very difficult for everyone to be able to commit to the planned lead-up  rehearsals and concerts and the event during Easter. Furthermore the pool of players we are able to call on are lacking in some instruments, an issue that we as an organisation have not been able to rectify.

The meeting of committee and section managers agreed that we could not confidently form a full band by the end of October. We have agreed to not progress with making an entry into the 2018 Australian National Band Championships.

The concert manager will now finalise the 2018 Concert Schedule without a performance at the 2018 Australian National Band Championships.

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Roland Yeung

Music Director, Acting President and Acting Personnel Manager.